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In the mass crossover episode " Invasion! Green Arrow was not initially a well-known character outside of comic book fandom: I guess the Internet really was just one room. Every episode should be Felicity heavy, or Shado heavy.

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Ollie is on a collision course with Moira and Malcolm and it is gonna be awesome. Anthony Mooch Banned Member. While crossover specials were conceived to allow other writers most notably Denny O'Neil , who wrote Batman and the mature audience comic The Question to use Green Arrow, Grell wrote him as largely isolated from the rest of the DC Universe; when other DC characters like longtime friend Hal Jordan also known as Green Lantern appeared, they did so in street clothes and used only their civilian names. Sep 13, 23, 4 Murderous, pissed off Ollie is best Ollie.

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Bladenic Member Apr 10, Those Katie Cassidy photos are amazing. I made it to ten before quitting that series, feeling pumped like a Greek god. Clevinger Member Apr 9, I'm going to sick Helena on you. Arrows are fucking awesome. Prev 1 … Go to page. They're usually dressed very conservatively. Love the final convo with the Count. I still think she's the best looking girl on the show. It's amazing, telling a kinda brutal story of survival. This is like the CW version of that and it works beautifully. At the end of my table I was still full of energy, so I decided to make a few pull-ups. I guess he's just phoning it in or the writing doesn't give him much to work with. Someone should post all of them in this thread. Chloe Mack from Smallville wishes she were this awesome. The first few episodes are a little rough, but it settles into its groove and it is a ton of fun. Salsa Member Apr 11, I watched some of it and wasnt entirely sold but I feel like I should maybe give it a fair chance. I thought it was some Smallville business but people have been mentioning the prominence of Deahtstroke the terminator and welp Why should you watch Arrow? You're not even carrying a rifle! Not cause of the actress, but the writers have no idea what to do with her most of the time. Some of the best stuff on the show. Sometimes it almost feels like a completely different show. He doesn't seem to have a place. Wait till Manu Bennett shows up. Hours Left Member Apr 10, Required -be hot Optional -acting ability. I loved her till her second appearance. They're out there and in HQ too. Rokam Member Apr 9, Oh no, what is she going to do? Anbokr Bull on a Donut Apr 11, I posted this in the Hawkguy thread as to why someone should watch it in response to H. She certainly has the legs for BC. Snake Member Apr 11, Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link.{/PARAGRAPH} Taking on a dozen guys armed with machine guns with a bow and arrow and winning is fucking awesome. I like the actor though. The stakes are pretty damn high sometimes. I hit the weights like a motherfucker and destroyed my biceps-triceps set. He annoyed me in the first half of the series. You guys are no fun. He has zero mojo, nor charisma, nor Even Thea tops him. Clevinger Member Apr 11, Today I went to the gym extra pumped after listening to Hardwell's UMF set for like two hours straight and downing a triple expresso I was hungrier than a wolf, and caffeine can fool an empty stomach quite well. There will be slightly more elaboration on that. Shit gets extra real after Manu Bennett shows up to fuck shit up. It's like the entire board is conspiring against his faves. Spoiler Mainly because having The Undertaking not be the finale seems odd. Lulling fans into believing she's dull as dishwasher, so her inevitable reveal as Black Canary is more memorable. He's Batman if Batman wasn't squeamish about killing assholes who have it coming. It gets much better, specially Ollie's actor. He's gonna come back to haunt him. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Zanosuke Member Apr 10, DominoKid Member Apr 10, Miles Quaritch Member Apr 10, Thunder Monkey Banned Apr 10, Yeah, Arrow pretty much has the hottest chicks on television. It's hilarious how the writers and the make up and clothes people make Cassidy so lame but she's actually hilariously hot. That ending hug is the most evil hug ever, lol. Just keep in mind that it's a CW show. {PARAGRAPH}What's new New posts Latest activity. It's like 30 seconds of google. The stories are fun, the re-imaginings of the characters are great. Trust me, you should enjoy it. First Prev 46 of Go to page. Replicant Member Apr 10, I'm pretty sure detective dad guy is the one dying though. Don't mean to shit on anything here, but I jumped into the show last night barely hearing anything about it. A soapy comic-booky Shakespearean tale with worse writing but a hell of a lot more fun. They don't skip a beat when it comes to Stephen Amell though. If you're a lesbian, bicurious, or a dude also reading this post, hot girls. You'll love her or hate her. Anbokr Bull on a Donut Apr 10, So going by the episode titles I wonder if the last 3 episodes are a 3 parter. And maybe sparking back up with his ex? Though I'd be amiss to not mention negatives. Bad act him to death? Shirtless dudes every goddamn episode working out. Thread starter Replicant Start date Oct 7, Status Not open for further replies. Some pictures of Katie Cassidy Laurel. Which is strange as he was great in Dresden Files. X-Frame Member Apr 10, Vert boil Member Apr 10, Looks they removed some of the pics - http: Darth Pinche Member Apr 11, Grizzlyjin Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that Apr 11, GhostRidah Member Apr 11, I just realized in the last episode that Ollie lines up three arrows vertically at the end, but when they hit the doctor, they are flying horizontally. I think it's commendable that they haven't gone crazy sexualizing the females on this show. Let me count the ways.
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